6. Non-doing

Enhance your capacity to stay calm and open-minded in daily life.  

Discover the pleasures of letting go of worries, pains, and blockages.

Tap into your inexhaustible inner strengths.


1.   “Nothing.” Our minds tend to be crowded by assumptions, worries, and judgments, with inevitable effects on our behaviors in daily life. We’ll practice a series of exercises that allow us to un-crowd our minds until “nothing is there.” Then we can start having fresh, useful, creative, and constructive thoughts.

2.  Breathing. We’ll practice a series of exercises that help you breathe without even having to think about breathing.

3.   The Invisible Helper. The way you perceive yourself in space determines how big or small you are, how awkward or graceful, how healthy or wobbled. We'll practice a series of exercises that will change your self-perception and give you strength, breadth, width, and stability.

4. Latency. The more abilities you have in reserve, the less you have to fret about how to do something, since the solution is already stocked in your reserves. We'll practice the art of learning skills externally, internalizing them, and have them deeply rooted in yourself.