Saturday & Sunday, October 20 & 21, 2018

Four Explorations in Vocal Territory

Themed workshops, open to everyone without exception.

It’s an amazing thing when your thoughts, movements, emotions, and sensations “become speech." Our objective is to develop playful and transformative ways of doing this fundamental work. We’ll study four sets of concepts and exercises related to vocal expression.

When: Saturday & Sunday, October 20 & 21, 2018. From 2 to 7 PM, with a tea break. Bonus: on Monday, October 22 from 10 AM to 1 PM: optional Practice Lab. At no extra fee, come play with your new creative tools in the company of your new friends!

Where? Studio Bleu, 7/9 rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010 Paris. Métros Château d'eau (line 4) or Strasbourg-Saint Denis (lines 4, 8 and 9). The Studio Bleu is on the first floor of the building sandwiched between the Franprix supermarket and the New Morning jazz club.

For Whom: Anyone interested in skills of observation, creativity, mindfulness, and adaptability. Limited to 12 participants. Past participants have included artists, musicians, singers, writers, health professionals, public speakers, and creative individuals. No previous experience needed.

How Much: Each day costs €150. Take both days and receive a discount: €250 instead of €300. Payment ensures your registration. Cancellations are cost-free up to October 13 when payments become non-refundable unless someone else takes your place. Please email me for more information or to register.


Saturday, October 20

Face, lips, tongue, jaw.

We'll practice two approaches to open up your face and coordinate your responses to speech tasks. 

The consonant.

We’ll practice a series of exercises to integrate the linguistic and biological dimensions of speech.

Sunday, October 21

The vowel.

A seemingly simple concept and a seemingly innocent exercise will transform the way you express yourself. 

Vocal vibrations.

We’ll learn and practice sequences of sounds, cleverly chosen to heighten your awareness of how your voice energizes your whole self.