"Passages" is an exploration of the cello and its multiple personalities: arco, pizzicato, ponticello; brother to the guitar and the oud; cousin to the tabla and the Brazilian atabaque; friend to jazz, folk, tango, and samba.

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Click below to hear the track "Youth in Love." 

The cello on this recording was made in Rio de Janeiro by Vincenzo LoTurco. It dates from 1922, and it was part of a string quartet made to celebrate the centenary of Brazilian independence. I've owned this instrument since 1976.

I used bows by two master makers:  Dominique Peccatte (1810-1874) and Victor Fétique (1872-1933). 

I used superb Kaplan cello strings from D'Addario.

The cello's strings are usually tuned (from top to bottom) A D G C. My tracks also include the following unorthodox tunings:

A D G Bb


Ab Eb Ab Ab

Db Ab Eb Fb

The cover photo is a shot I took of traffic rushing through the Place de la Bastille in central Paris.

I took the inside cover photo at a most wonderful little place: the Riga Film Museum in Latvia.

It's been interesting to hear what people have to say about all the names listed next to the photo. No, those are not thanks or acknowledgments! It'd be kind of strange for me to thank Zeus and Spiderman, no?