Body, Mind, Joy

A Workshop in Integrated Practice for Everyone

Saturday & Sunday, January 16 & 17, 2016

Nothing is more fun than to be completely alert to your own lively wholeness. From head to toe, with body, mind, heart, and soul, you do everything in your life by using the whole of yourself. In this workshop we'll play a series of clever games to help you realize and fulfill your wholeness.

When? Saturday & Sunday, January 16 & 17, 2016. Four autonomous segments:

  • Saturday, 2:45 PM to 5 PM: Reaction (Hand Game)
  • Saturday, 5:15 PM to 7:30 PM: Decision (Balance Game)
  • Sunday, 2:45 PM to 5 PM: Actor, Receptor, Witness (Whirl-O Game)
  • Sunday, 5:15 PM to 7:30 PM: Work on Yourself ("Here, Now" Game)

Where? Studio Campus, 12bis rue Froment, 75011 Paris. Métros Bréguet-Sabin or Richard Lenoir (line 5).

For Whom: Anyone interested in skills of observation, creativity, mindfulness, and adaptability. Limited to 8 participants. Past participants have included artists, musicians, writers, health professionals, public speakers, and creative individuals.

How Much: Each segment costs €75. Limited to 8 participants. Please email me for more information or to register.


1. Reaction (Hand Game). We’ll study a simple children’s game that triggers interesting patterns of over-reaction, strong emotions, and bodily disconnection. This allows you to understand that nothing is ever purely physical or purely mental, and that body and mind are indeed inseparable.

2. Decision (Balance Game). We’ll follow it with a somewhat less simple game that triggers even more interesting patterns. The games involve losing your balance without losing your head, or, to put it differently, letting go of uncontrollable elements and directing those elements that you can, indeed, control. The games give you practical ways of considering the body-mind connection and the choices you have at your disposal when you react to any situation.

3. Actor, Receptor, Witness (Whirl-O Game). We all play three roles in every moment of our lives. As actors (that is, agents of action) we move, speak, push and pull, make decisions, and otherwise engage in any number of activities animated by our goals and desires. As receptors we use our senses to listen, smell, touch, get pushed and pulled, and react emotionally to other people. As witnesses we observe everything going on around us, analyzing, synthesizing, describing, explaining, and understanding the world in which we live. In this workshop we’ll study these three roles in practice.

4. Work on Yourself (“Here, Now” Game). In everything that you do, there exists a goal or task seemingly outside yourself (a sink full of dirty dishes for you to wash, for instance) and thoughts and energies seemingly inside yourself (your awareness of your own intentions, gestures, feelings, emotions, and sensations as you wash the dishes). It’s possible for you to be task-oriented or self-oriented, or to place yourself in a flexible point in between the two. In this workshop we’ll study the back-and-forth travel from task to self, using a variety of exercises and activities.