Resources for Writers

  • Snow White and the Seven Drafts is an essay on what it takes to sustain a book over its multiple drafts.

  • I'm currently working on a book for writers, tentatively titled The Integrated Writer. It contains dozens of suggested exercises and meditations to help writers of all genres -- beginners as well as experienced professionals -- nourish and sustain their creative flow over the days, weeks, months, and years.

Coaching for Writers

Do you need to structure a manuscript, find its core, detect its flaws, revise and edit it? Do you have good ideas but not the means to articulate them? Are you afraid of writer’s block? Do you write too slowly to make your living as a writer? Are you afraid of the blank page? Do you find it difficult to find a work rhythm for your days, weeks, and months?

I can help you deal with all these issues, in face-to-face meetings or online. I’m an experienced writer with several books under my belt. My nonfiction books are published by Oxford University Press and my novels by Random House. The Integrated Writer is currently under representation at Writers House, a leading literary agency in New York City. I’d be more than glad to lead you through exercises on a one-to-one basis or in a small group of like-minded writers. Feel free to e-mail me.

Suggestions & Exercises

Over the years I've written many blog posts of interest to writers. They're indexed here.