10. Communication II: Sound

Sound is “first and last.” Mystics and metaphysicians claim that sound created the universe. They may be right, or they may be wrong; but sound is, indeed, a life force.

2 Days, 10h (4x2.5h)

1. Sound as Vibration. To live is to make sounds, perceive sounds, give and receive sounds. To some degree, then, your health and happiness are dependent on how you dwell in the world of sound, whether or not you’re a practicing musician. Which sounds do you pay attention to, which ones do you ignore? Which sounds do you perceive as caressing, which as aggressive? In this workshop we’ll study several simple exercises to expand the awareness of sound and the relationship between sound, identity, coordination, and good health.

2. Breathing. Although breathing is the most important thing in your life, ideally “it does itself” without interference from your conscious mind. In this workshop we’ll practice a series of techniques to help you go from breathing in a habitual way that may be more harmful than you think, to breathing in an ideal way without your having to do anything directly involving the breath.

3. “Amlala.” Our thoughts and feelings shape the way we use our voices. And, most often, our thoughts and feelings tend toward disorganization, incoherence, and dispersion. In this workshop we’ll use a single spoken word as a starting point to concentrate our thoughts and feelings. Not surprisingly, when we become concentrated our speaking voices sound very, very different!

4. (In Reserve: Room to Explore New Ideas)