What is good health?

It's a simple question for which there are a thousand answers. The very way you define your health plays a role in how healthy you are and how healthy you can become. You do as you think, and you think as you are! Here are a few suggestions to get you going on this most fundamental of all quests.

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Good health means carrying a posture and an attitude that, combined together, help you deal positively with the stresses of life. Good health means being free from pain—and also being able to cope constructively when pain is inevitable. Good health means being alert, open-minded, nimble, and energized. Good health means having some degree of control as regards the unfolding of your destiny from day to day.

Good health is a daring and celebratory act of your creativity.

Body and mind work so closely together that you can’t quite ever separate them. Your physical ailments have psychological dimensions, and your psychic energies live on the physical plane. When you embrace your oneness you’ll find it much easier to achieve and maintain good health over the weeks, months, and years. And you have a degree of choice in how you react to anything in life—including the most challenging situations. The first step in solving any problems is to stay centered and focused. Oftentimes a problem “solves itself” if only you stay focused as you ponder it!

Your fundamental oneness and your potential to choose your reactions are the keys to working through any of your goals: eliminating backache or nervousness, changing careers, pursuing creative projects, letting go of old fears, learning new skills.

I’ve been an internationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1986. Over the decades I've developed dozens of innovative concepts and exercises, gathering my innovations in books, articles, and essays, and sharing them in lectures and conferences all over the world.

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My clients have included men and women in business, health, law, and many other occupations, as well as children, adolescents, and college students. Because of my own training as a musician, I've also taught and coached many musicians over the decades. You can read my clients' testimonials here. I offer lessons, workshops, and Skype consultations, adapting the work to suit the needs and circumstances of each client. I'm based in Paris, France; I maintain a secondary teaching practice in New York City; and I teach wherever I go in my world travels. Please contact me if you're interested in meeting me.

In my own life, my personal practice of core principles has helped me open up my creativity. As a result, in addition to my work as a performing musician I've written and published novels, pursued photo and video projects, and taken up drawing. My blog touches upon the creative process and offers you tips and tools to connect with your innermost resources.

Photo by Pedro de Alcantara

Photo by Pedro de Alcantara