In my three decades as a professional teacher, coach, and healer I've developed a variety of approaches based on a few core principles. Two principles stand out: You're fundamentally whole in body, mind, and soul; and you have a degree of choice in everything you do and in how you shape your life. Once you become alert to your wholeness, you can do some very constructive things for yourself, and if you so wish also for others. Here you'll find a virtual library of resources. Contact me if you have questions, suggestions, and requests.

Resources for Musicians

My first love & profession was classical music. I started coaching and helping other musicians early on in my career, and I have developed a substantial body of work about musicians' creativity and health. Here you can access links to my books, as well as numerous articles and essays.

Resources for Singers & Everyone Interested in the Voice

The voice is one of our primordial dimensions. "To work on your voice is to work on yourself; to free your voice is to free yourself."

Resources for Everyone

Self-awareness, creativity, good health and good humor are a universal right!

Resources for Teachers of the Alexander Technique

I've been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1983. Over the decades I've given lessons and workshops to many of my colleagues all over the world. Here you can access articles, essays, and suggestions for your teaching practice, as well as descriptions of some of the workshops I've taught for Alexander teachers.

Resources for Writers

My first book was published by Oxford University Press in 1997.  Since then I've written novels and works of nonfiction that have been published and translated into several languages. Here you can find a couple of essays on the art of writing, suggestions on becoming a productive writer, and details of my services as a writing coach.