The Art of Information: Embodying Wisdom

A workshop with Pedro de Alcantara

From Friday, June 29 to Sunday, July 1, 2018

Simple and effective exercises to help absorb, share, and embody information

What: Three days of creative games designed to open your mind and free your creativity.

When: Friday, June 29; Saturday, June 30; and Sunday, July 1st 2018. From 3 PM to 8 PM every day.

Where? In the gorgeous Portuguese city of Porto. The workshop will take place in a centrally located space with easy access to public transport. The address:  Rua das Taipas 70, 4050-597 Porto (click for a map).

For Whom: Anyone interested in skills of observation, creativity, mindfulness, and adaptability. Limited to 8 participants. Past participants have included artists, musicians, singers, writers, health professionals, public speakers, and creative individuals. No previous experience needed.

How Much: €380. Payment ensures your registration. Cancellations are cost-free up to June 15 when payments become non-refundable unless someone else takes your place. Please email me for more information or to register. You're responsible for the costs of your travel, accommodation, and food, the cost of which is very reasonable in Porto.



To live is to sift through information. Just to start your day, you must deal with the information contained in your clothes closet and your kitchen cabinet, the information in your email inbox, and the weather forecast. More broadly, the information you must sift through includes pretty much everything in your life: what people say and do (and don’t say and don’t do!), what your body and your memory communicate to you, and the messages contained in every sight, sound, smell, letter, number, shape, or form that enters your awareness.

Information exists “outside of you” (such as a weather report on your computer screen) and “inside of you” (such as your feelings about the weather report and its effects on your holiday plans). The dialogue between “outside of you” and “inside of you” is the subject of our workshop.

You’ll learn to absorb information, share it, and embody it.

1. We’ll learn to use information to locate ourselves in space and time, and to pass from the very big (the Eternal Universe) to the very small (right here, right now!).

2. We’ll learn to use information to tell stories that define who we are.

The clip on the right shows one of my defining stories in space and time.

3. We’ll learn to be able to stay calm when faced with an avalanche of information, and to choose what information to pay attention to, and what information to ignore.

4. We’ll learn to achieve insight through juxtaposition of different bits of information. Click here to read an essay about the juxtaposing technique we'll practice.

5. We’ll learn to encapsulate and share information through the art of drawing, sketching, and doodling. No artistic skills needed!

6. We’ll learn to take abstract information displayed in analytical, visual modes and transform it into sensorial, embodied experience.

7. We’ll learn the art of explaining things and the art of listening to things being explained.

The clip on the right shows Dutch professor Walter Lewin giving an interesting explanation.